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You Can Change a Child's Story

Donate today and change the life of an abused and neglected child.

This has been an unprecedented year for all of us. With the onset of COVID-19, no one could have imagined all the changes we would have to adapt to in our lives. For some of us, this has been the most isolating time in our history. So many things have changed.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the difference that a volunteer makes in the life of a child. Our member program staff and volunteers have been able to pivot to serve children and families in a different way.

Programs continue to recruit, provide online training, and hold virtually and socially-distanced swearing-in ceremonies for new volunteers. Staff and volunteers are providing socially distant advocacy— Facetiming, texting, Zooming and “visiting” from the safety of the sidewalk. By being that caring consistent adult, CASA/GAL volunteers have been the certainty in uncertain times for these children. Regardless of what next year brings, we are equipped to handle it with your help.

Your donation today helps the cost of CASA advocacy for a child by finding a safe, loving and permanent home for that child to live in.

We have raised $50.00 of our goal.

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