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Thousands of children live in foster homes without a Court Appointed Special Advocate® (CASA). Imagine that child showing up to court and not knowing a soul. Worse yet, imagine how that child doesn’t know about court or how to use his voice while seeing complete strangers decide his future.

CASA volunteers know the children they serve, their story and unique circumstances, they have their best interests in mind, and can be that child's voice. Having a CASA by a child’s side can be the difference between despair and hope. Your donation today helps the cost of CASA advocacy for a child by recruiting, training, and matching a CASA Volunteer with a child to ensure they return to permanency in a safe and loving home as soon as possible.

Washington CASA Association is supporting our statewide network of programs and volunteers as they continue to mobilize and adapt during this time of COVID 19 -- Facetiming, calling, texting and sending letters and cards, to make sure kids are safe, nourished and are as okay as they can be in this uncharted moment of crisis.

Help us make sure every child we serve know they are not alone and that their volunteer is always standing beside them -- virtually or at a distance of at least six feet.

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